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Dog Safety Considerations for Spring

 After a long and dreary winter, spring is finally right around the corner. However, with warmer temperatures comes some novel safety risks for your beloved pet. Read on to discover the potential hazards that face your four-legged friend this spring season.


The warmer temperatures means that unwanted pests are more active and thus, a bigger threat to your dog. Ensure your pet is on flea and tick prevention medication year-round, and, depending on where you live, heartworm medication too. Discuss these medications with your vet to ensure your dog is adequately protected all year.


Like us, pets can be allergic to foods, dust, plants and pollen. Allergic reactions in dogs and cats can cause itching, minor sniffling and sneezing, or life-threatening anaphylactic shock to insect bites and stings. If you suspect your pet has a springtime allergy, please visit your veterinarian as soon as possible.

If your dog seems to be overly itchy, try bathing him in a medicated shampoo to moisturize and heal his skin. If your pet has a hard time sitting still in the bath or gets anxious, try attaching a silicone dog lick mat to your tub and fill it with a tasty treat to distract them while you get the job done.


Spring is the perfect season to start planting a beautiful garden. However, common pesticides and fertilizers used in gardening can be toxic to dogs. Take care to store these products out of reach of your pets and keep your dog or cat away from the garden after you use them. Finally, common spring flowers such as azaleas are also toxic to pets. If yours has a tendency to snack on things he shouldn’t, plant them in a place where he cannot reach them or swap them out for a pet-friendly plant instead.


Spring temperatures vary widely depending on the area of the country you’re in. If you’re planning on spending ample time outdoors this season with your pet, ensure he has plenty of water to hydrate and cool down, and that there are plenty of shady resting spots to relax. It’s also a great idea to carry a portable folding silicone travel bowl for long walks and hikes.

Spring is an anticipated and active season. Just make sure you and your pet have a safe spring by considering these potential hazards for your four-legged friend.


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