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Keeping Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Fall is right around the corner, which means it’s almost officially the start of the holiday season. While Halloween might be the most anticipated time of year (and an excuse to dress your dog up), there are some specific safety measures you should take to ensure your dog’s safety. After you find the perfect Halloween dog costume and stock up on candy, take the following tips into consideration for a fright-free season.

Keep candy out of reach.

It’s the staple of the holiday, but candy can be toxic to dogs, especially chocolate. Not only that, but candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can be lethal to your four-legged friends. Keep candy, wrappers, and treats away from your dog to prevent unnecessary trips to the vet.

Bring your dog inside.

Even if your dog loves being outdoors, you should bring them inside during Halloween. There is a lot of chaos, new visitors, loud noises and pranksters on this night, and it’s best if your dog is safe inside.

Block their access to the front door.

While it’s best that your dog stays inside during Halloween night, they should also be corralled away from the front door. Strangers coming to the door and knocking constantly can stress them out, especially in costume. According to Therapy Pets, their protective instinct is and their reactions could range from fear and anxiety to aggression and escape attempts, which are more likely to be successful due to the frequently opening door. If you know your dog is nervous, keep them contained in a part of the house that is as far away as possible from the door to avoid holiday pet runaways.

Keep decorations out of your pet’s reach.

Jack o’ lanterns are festive and fun, but they’re dangerous to keep around pets and children. If left unattended, your dog could easily knock it over and start a fire. Carved pumpkins might smell like a treat for your pet. Gourds are perfectly safe for dogs, but just make sure they don’t eat too much and cause a blockage or digestive upset.

Lights and decorations are another thing to consider, especially if they require electricity. Make sure your dog doesn’t chew on the cords or trip over any lighting.

Choose a safe costume.

Dog costumes are arguably some of the best kinds. However, only put your dog in one if he or she is comfortable with it. There are so many fun options to choose from, just ensure that it does not hinder their eyesight, movement or ability to breathe or bark. Start by removing any choking hazards from the costume and getting them comfortable with it before putting it on Halloween night.


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