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The Top 5 Benefits of Using a Quality Dog Bed

Pet owners famously have to fight for space on their couches and beds when their four-legged friends get accustomed to sharing the furniture. While this is endearing, it might not always be functional. Instead, have you considered a quality pet bed, made specifically for your dog or cat? In this blog, we’re going to identify the benefits of purchasing your best friend his or her very own pet bed.

Dog beds are great for your dog’s joints.

Similar to humans, pets get sore as they age and their joints begin to stiffen. Using a quality pet bed cushions their elbows and joints, allowing them to sleep comfortably and get up without pain.

Dog beds improve mood and sleep patterns.

A good night’s sleep can actually make your dog smarter, as rest is the best way to improve your dog’s memory. Uncomfortable sleeping positions and hard or uneven surfaces contribute to erratic sleep. The more well-rested your dog is, the happier he or she will be.

Dog beds provide their own space.

A plush washable dog bed is an ideal dedicated spot for your pet. Place it in a spot that is easily accessible and allows your pet to keep an eye on the house and the family so they’ll be more comfortable. Dogs tend to sleep more hours than people, but with less time in REM cycle, so they need a cozy spot to call their own. If you have more than one dog, be sure to purchase a bed for each one as they can be territorial and possessive over their own.

Dogs beds keep them warm and cool.

Depending on the time of year, your floors might be overly hot or cold. Your dog might not be able to get comfortable with the extreme temperature fluctuations, which is why a dog bed is perfect for them. Find one that has cooling properties for summer if you have a large or long hair breed. In winter, the plush bedding keeps them warm naturally.

Dog beds reduce your cleaning time.

Of course, if you want your dog to sleep in bed with you, then that’s perfectly fine. However, if you choose to keep your pet on his or her personal dog bed, you can skip the messy task of vacuuming and cleaning sheets, bedding and couches as much as you would if they were constantly covered in dog fur.


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