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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Warm This Winter

As the temperature continues to plummet and the seasons change from fall to winter, it’s time to start considering winter weather accommodations for yourself and your pet. Daily activities such as walking and grooming need to be adjusted when the weather cools and snow and rain start to fall. One of the best ways to combat chilling temperatures is using a dog jumpsuit on walks and protecting their paws. Here’s a thorough guide for keeping your dog warm this winter season.

What temperature should you be concerned about with your pet?

Each dog’s body chemistry and coat is different. However, 50 degrees Fahrenheit is a good starting point for breaking out the winter clothes. If your pet is always cold, however, you should dress them warmly if they are shivering or uncomfortable outside during walks in slightly warmer temperatures.

Dress your dog.

Clothing such as a dog jumpsuit and a sweater can help keep your dog cozy outdoors. However, it’s important to get garments that properly fit your four legged friend, don’t pull, itch, or rub their skin, and are comfortable for them to wear-especially while using the bathroom. According to Pet MD, a certified veterinarian also recommended the following:

  1. Wash clothing as needed in detergent that is free of dye and fragrances.
  2. Make sure there aren’t any ties or edges on the garment that can irritate your dog’s eyes.
  3. If you take your pet to the dog park, make sure that other dogs aren’t pulling at or biting your dog’s jacket—teeth can get caught in clothes.

Protect the paws.

Ice, snow, and melting chemicals such as salt can be harsh on your dog’s paws. Dog booties are a great way to protect their paws from cold weather and harsh elements. If your dog doesn’t tolerate anything on his or her paws, just wipe them before coming into the house. This will get rid of any irritants such as salt or ice once they’re inside.

Give them a warm place to sleep.

When inside, it's easier for your dog to remain warm. However, they can still get cold, especially when they’re sleeping. Provide your pet with a cozy bed with plenty of blankets or even a heating pad. Of course, make sure that they are supervised when using one to make sure it’s safe.


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