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Which Type of Leash is Right for Your Dog?

Every breed of dog has their own personality traits, quirks, and habits, making them as unique as their owners. While every dog parent knows a leash is an essential purchase, have you considered which type is best suited for your dog and lifestyle? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all leash and weighing your options will benefit both you and your beloved dog. In this blog, we’re going to explore the various types of leashes for you to consider.

The Bungee Leash

This type of leash has a stretchy bungee component that allows for extra retractable length. It is great for training purposes, especially if you have a dog that’s a heavy puller. For larger breeds, the bungee component is especially helpful to absorb the shock of your dog unexpectedly bolting. This reduces the strain you feel from the initial jerk. When training a dog to appropriately greet others, walk on leash, or for overly-excited dogs that want to pull to sniff their surroundings, the bungee dog leash is a great option.

Waist Leash

Another option is the hands free leash, or the waist leash. According to the Modern Dog Trainer, waist leashes are good for your clients who continually ‘check’ their dogs with the leash or clients with dogs who are very strong.

If you have a dog who you must keep on a tight leash for behavior or training purposes, the waist leash helps you do so without much effort. It’s also helpful to maintain control of your dog without losing your balance. This is also a great leash to use while running or hiking with your pet as well.

Long Leash Lines

When training for off leash adventures, a long line is crucial. They are an ideal tool to allow more opportunities to work on recall to ensure your dog is ready to be allowed off leash in public settings. The long line allows your dog much more freedom for exploring and potential distraction, so if they can check in with you while further away and come when called, this is a good sign they are ready to be off leash.

There are various types of leashes for you and your pet to consider. Depending on your lifestyle, their personality and habits, this list can help you choose the best type of leash to set your dog up for success.


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